1. eatsleepdraw:

    Laura Haines - Graphic Design and Illustration.



  2. danhoward:


    HUGE TMNT art dump.   Started as just a fun sketch of Raphael that just became more sketches and then painting all 4.  Also a bonus Krang for sketch dailies.  


    late night re-tumbl

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  3. gigidigi:

    Sketches from today and yesterday.

    From Cucumber Quest.


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  5. okama-kenpo:

    a quick pensive sleeve-rolled sanji bc why not

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  7. madeleineishere:

    quick lil comic

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  8. eatsleepdraw:

    Shanghai Baby // 上海宝贝

    S6」|「FB」| 「DA」| 「TW」| 「HOME


  9. cross-connect:

    Aedan C Roberts

    I live and work out of Brooklyn, New York City. I try to split my time between personal gallery works and professional freelance with advertising firms and gaming companies. My love of pop culture, animation, and contemporary illustrators informs my every move. 


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