1. kallielef:

    Valar dohaeris

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  2. robotnicc:

    Red fan art for Supergiant Games’s Transistor. 8)



  4. eatsleepdraw:

    Boys in the Woods

    - - -

    by Kay Barley | tumblr | official site


  5. eatsleepdraw:

    Elsa’s snow gown.

    For the fun I made a slightly different dress for queen Elsa of Arendelle, from Disney’s Frozen.



  6. hannakdraws:

    NOTE: If you’re going to ELCAF or Oslo Comics Expo this weekend you can get it from the Peow!-table instead

    I won’t be there myself but the guys will. Pat at ELCAF and Eli + Olle in Oslo. Go say hi! there will be lots of cool stuff at their table. 

    link to the shop: http://www.peowstudio.com/shop/

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  8. xombiedirge:

    Predator by Brian Tafoya / Facebook / Store

    14” X 18” print, available HERE

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  10. thedsgnblog:

    Quote(s) of the week - 21/07/2014

    55 Hi’s    |    http://55his.com

    55 Hi’s was started in 2010 by Ross Moody as a simple means of spreading inspiring quotes and quirky ideas. It has since spiraled out of control—in the best way possible—into an online greetings collective, of sorts. A destination for graphic goodness, tasteful typography, and artful alliteration. 

    At 55 Hi’s, sincere life lessons are laid delicately onto handmade french paper where they frolic joyfully, side-by-side, with cards that become shot glasses. Why? Because both of those things will make you smile, and smiling is a nice thing.

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