1. aeroria:

    Skyward Sword - Link; Concept Art

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  2. surroundedbycoffeecups:




    This is literally the best photoset on Tumblr.

    ^ accurate

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  3. queenoftheantz:

    I had to do something ghibli! Because wowow they just get better the more I watch!

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  4. offcolored:

    Possible designs for Tamika Flynn, our resident warrior deity. I’m lazy as hell, so assume the lack of gore indicates pre-library-battle!Tamika.

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  6. abbydraws:

    blue dance

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  7. fabien-mense:

    Agito Cosmos / -273°C


  8. deep-dark-fears:

    A fear submitted by Lisa Lemonshoos to deep dark fears.


  9. joshlafayette:

    W H A T ? ? ?

    Prints and more in my Society6 shop!


  10. kalidraws:

    You guys have all heard of Lumberjanes by now, right?
    I’m happy to say that my exclusive cover for Lumberjanes #1 is for sale at Challengers Comics in Chicago (my hometown!) coinciding with Noelle's signing there this past weekend. I think the whole Lumberjanes crew is ace and I'm excited to have contributed to such a girl-positive comics series, drawn and written by awesome ladies!

    I’ve been watching a lot of River Monsters and I really liked the idea of setting the Lumberjanes off on a canoeing adventure with an unexpected catch. I’ve since been informed that the canoe I drew totally looks like a vagina. It was unintentional, but I’m more than ok with that! By ladies for ladies, amirite??

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